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Migrate with Guaranteed Business Continuity

GrayMatter practices a thorough approach from pre-migration to post-migration activities to ensure zero disruption to business continuity.

Following are GrayMatter’s advocated best practices:

  1. Assess the needs of organization, processes and technology in the to-be state

  2. Review of existing landscape, including inventory of existing BI content and user activity profile

  3. Determine scope of migration including business units, departments, functional areas and BI content

  4. Define downtime tolerance limits, parallel run with old system, migration timeframe, security concerns with new system

  5. Complete migration roadmap and detailed plans for each phase

  6. Build of new environments, software installation and customization

  7. Migration of existing content and conversion wherever necessary

  8. Validation of migrated content, security and performance of new system

  9. Validate interfaces of new system with other systems in landscape

  10. Comprehensive technical and business user training

pentaho migration
Get Seamless Migration with Zero Downtime!


GrayMatter has a proven track record of delivering BI migration services including Pentaho migration, Pentaho upgrade, sap bo migration, sap bo upgrade, sap bw migration, sap bw on hana migration, sap hana migration, sas to R migration etc. We are data migration services providers including bods data migration, PDI data migration etc., much more accurately than any data migration services company. Over the years, GrayMatter has emerged as an expert provider of business intelligence migration services including tool version upgrade, bi content migration, etl scripts migration, advanced analytics models migration, and data migration services.

sap bw on hana migration

Migration of BI content from one platform to the other

sap hana migration

Migration of ETL from one platform to the other

sap bo upgrade

Migration of advanced analytics models and scripts from one platform to the other

pentaho migration

Version upgrade of existing platform

At GrayMatter, Your Business Matters!
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At GrayMatter, Your Business Matters!
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