• Employee attrition management with the help of segmentation model
  • Dynamic airport car park pricing with the help of optimization algorithm operating on daily data refresh
  • Retail store customer profiling to identify premium customers and maximize revenues
  • Predict insurance lapse with the help of regression models using data from customer demographics and interactions
  • Sentiment analysis using social media data for a globally renowned beverages company to understand the consumer mood from pre-launch to time of launch
  • Selecting prospects for a campaign based on likelihood of purchase determined by historical analysis of demographics, purchase behavior, product preferences etc. Identification of a targeted audience leads to more effective campaigns and lead generation
  • Association rules to determine products to be positioned for sale to a particular prospect e.g., an insight can be that insurance customers who bought investment linked policy also bought Term Insurance in late 30’s. So these two products can be bundled with a promotional offer for people in late 30’s, with an expectation that both will sell
  • Up-sell/Cross-sell to customers based on their propensity to buy, product preferences and needs
  • Sentiment analysis of social media data for airports, to help understand passenger experience at airports

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