Top 5 trends in Analytics that you must watch out for

Business Intelligence and Analytics is a dynamic space with rapidly changing end user needs, evolving solutions and constant enhancements in underlying tools and technologies. More often than not, foresight helps in keeping you ready and prepared for the future trends and developments in the world of BI and Analytics. As I see it, the following 5 trends will be quite path-breaking, in the days to come. Data Lake Management System – Your business is data rich, data obtained ..


By Vikas Gupta

April 26th, 2018

Prevent Policy Lapse Proactively

Persistency is a key driver for successful insurance business. You just cannot let your existing customers churn; proactive alerts and actions are necessary to address policy lapse. GrayMatter’s Center of Excellence for Data Science (GMCoE-DS) is focused on predictive insights driven value for businesses. Insurance lapse prediction is one such typical use case which the CoE has expertise in handling. How do the experts do this?..


By Anupam Dasgupta

January 24th, 2018