Top 10 Business Intelligence(BI) companies in 2020

Business intelligence or BI is all about delivering reliably relevant data to the correct individuals at the perfect time, who aim to attain more precise decisions at a faster pace. In order to carry out its goal business intelligence uses particular programs methods to-

First, collect the data needed, Second, structure the obtained data, Third, convert the structured data into usable information & Finally, present the usable information to the concerned parties, who then utilize that very information to improve their future business decisions.

Business Intelligence contains categories such as performance management, analytics, predictive modeling, data and text mining etc. BI does all of this; it takes unorganized data and transforms them into meaningful, categorical and actionable data.

Organizations no longer have to sort through complex data and web pages only to analyze the data manually, thereby compiling the results. All of these manual activities can be time consuming. Instead employees can now choose to use the BI systems and request the information. BI offers advantages like identifying businesses and hidden patterns, identifying areas of pros and cons and finding out new opportunities. All of these contribute to an improved knowledge about a company, its customers and its possible challenges.

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    This article contains a list of the top 10 Business Intelligence companies currently operating across the world, they are the following:-

    1. MicroSoft

    The MicroSoft Business Intelligence division contains MS Office-MS Excel, SQL Server, SharePoint as well as Power BI.

    MS Excel allows the users to determine, analyze and visualize information with the powerful self-service. SharePoint allows user collaboration and sharing of reports as well as data in a manageable and secured ecosystem. SQL enables server reporting service and gives operational reporting for pixel perfect printing, view based on browser, ad hoc data exploring opportunities as well as visualization. MicroSoft power Business Intelligence is a software service based on cloud, it is a self-service business intelligence solution specially catering to non-technical users’ needs. Any browser or a Power BI mobile App customers are able to keep a track of their business through the live dashboards.

    2. Tableau Software

    Tableau Software is a company based in Seattle. It includes a genre of interactive data visualization products on business intelligence, they are: Desktop, server, Public and online.

    Tableau Desktop is an intuitive, drag-and-drop tool designed to explore as well as visualize any form of data. Tableau Server is a mobile and online business intelligence solution. While, Tableau Online version is a hosted version.

    3. Logi Analytics

    Logi analytics is a Web Based business intelligence reporting and analysis products company based in Virginia, America. It includes Logi Info, Logi Vision, Logi Ad Hoc.

    Logi Info gives dashboards, reports and analytics to create features which are rich, interactive information visualization and carry out multiple desktop to single app and mobile features. Logi Vision a web based data unearthing application allows a user to obtain data, analyze it, create representation visually as well as share insight. Logi Ad Hoc is a reporting app which can be integrated in a fast manner with your critical data repositories.

    4. Sisense

    A New York and Tel Aviv based software company, Sisense is a business analytics company. This company allows the creation and management of complicated data models from multiple sources in a simple drag-and-drop situation. Through it anybody can comprehend and use data fully in an interactive web dashboard with a host of stunning visualized options.

    5. Domo

    Based in Utah, Domo resolves the issues by bringing the company and its data together in their platforms. Domo eases the process of visualizing the data one wants, how and when one wants it for anyone from the position of a CEO to any other contributor. It has the capability to mash up visualize and present data as the client’s preference.

    6. Targit

    This company based in Denmark is a developer of business intelligence and analytics software company with offices located in the United States of America. Targit consists of TARGIT Decision Suite.

    TARGIT Decision Suite is a business intelligence platform offering data to be found types of tools, it is a self-service analytics, reporting and dashboards in a single included solution.

    7. Pentaho

    Pentaho situated in Orlando, America contains an array of open Business Intelligence products known as Pentaho Business Analytics producing data integration.

    Pentaho 5.0 gives an open unified platform to access, integrate and a blend of any sort of data, in any situation, across a continuum of analysis.

    8. GrayMatter Software Services

    GrayMatter Software Service located in Bangalore, India is a company dealing with development of open source technologies to reduce the cost of business intelligence and analytics in India. The company consists of services like data integration, dashboard, Real-time analytics, mobile BI and cloud BI.

    Data integration is diverse sources and data types, huge data volume, complex transformation rules all handled easily. Dashboard deals with role based, KPI driven, domain specific, device agnostic seamless UI with GrayMatter’s RADIUS framework. Real-time analytics is a feasible assessment, technology recommendation, optimal architecture to enable real-time data

    integration and processing. Mobile BI is built specifically for mobile devices, it is development of a secure mobile business intelligence app with seamless and responsive UI across it. Cloud BI deals with readiness assessment, identification of applications, selections of platform and development model, cloud set-up, implementation of cloud cloud business intelligence to give you a secure, scalable, high ROI BI system.

    9. Prognoz

    A Software company situated in Perm, Russia offering business intelligence or process management options for market sections.

    Prognoz is a platform supporting the creation of desktop, web, mobile device software solutions for the visualization and online analytics procedure (OLAP), reporting, modeling as well as forecasting of the business process. This very platform allows a self service business intelligence features to customize applications without IT support requirements.

    10. Bitam

    Britam a business intelligence solution company is located at Roswell GA.

    Britam business intelligence produces use of dashboards, analytics, reporting as well as alerts for organizational purposes. All the while allowing for information to be accessed from multiple data sources with the visibility and details of the data effectively running operations.

    Business intelligence empowers one with the power to collect and analyse a massive amount of information, enabling a company to fully grasp customer loyalty, preferences and the most favored products if need arises. BI in tern paved the way for anticipating new opportunities, improving old techniques used, design specific promotional campaigns all based on past data. The above mentioned companies cater to all these requirements and much more. Hence the top 10 business Intelligence companies in 2020.

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