Store Revenues and
Elevate Shopper Experience

Why Store Sense?


Revenue Leakage Trapped
by automated sales reporting


Increase in Profitability due to
Actionable Insights


Man Hour Saving
due to automation


Uplift in Sales due to targeted
Digital Promotions


Revenue Gain by Increased sales opportunities via competitive price benchmarking

GrayMatter’s Store Sense is a one-stop solution that helps you enhance your store business via increased sales opportunities, heightened customer engagement and increased staff productivity. So, whether you are an airport or railway station operator, a mall owner or a branded outlet, talk to us!

Real-Time Sales Data Capture

  • Automated data capture by IoT device (software also available as an option) from point of sale leading to more efficient and accurate revenue reporting by retailers
  • Data captured is used for billing and subsequent income computation based on contract rules
  • Enhanced accuracy in sales data collection ensures that there is no revenue leakage and hence no negative impact on income computation for the airports
  • The device integrates data from multiple sources including boarding pass scanner, passport scanner
  • The device also enables push of messages to passengers’ smart phones and thereby supports execution of promotional campaigns leading to enhanced store revenues

Real Time Sales Data Capture

Wow your Shoppers with Personalized Digital Receipts!!

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Role-based Analytics consisting of dashboards, reports, analytics, statistical models spanning across areas including retail stores, duty-free shops, food & beverage, real estate management and car park utilization. The following analyses are covered:

Revenue Store Size Optimizer Product Affinity Commercial Sales cross sales performance Store Dashboard

Digital Campaigns


Rule-Driven Configurable Budget, Duration & ROI

Option to Choose Brands

Multi-Channel Delivery


QR code driven, consent-based

Algorithmic Coupon Selection

Real-Time Coupon Processing

Systemic Exception Handling

Daily Auto-Reconciliation


Measure Campaign Effectiveness

Store-Wise promotion outcomes

Analyze Cross-Sell Trends

Insights for Future

Campaigns Daily Redemption Report

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Digital Receipts

Digital Receipts Features

Contract Management & Billing

Solution enables automated maintenance and update of contracts repository including linked contacts, conditions and business rules as well as automated income computation followed by billing to concessionaire


Mr Kenneth Guldbjerg, Chief Commercial Office BIAL

“Bangalore Airport works with partners such as GrayMatter to offer our passengers a technologically-superior and seamless Airport experience. I look forward to the envisaged outcomes from this implementation, including the expected transparency that it will lend to retail revenue reporting.”

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At GrayMatter, Your Business Matters!
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