I have always been intrigued by the “touch-me-not” plant, the way it droops at the slightest touch! Unfortunately, Covid and the resultant social distancing brought us to a low/no touch state of affairs. Notwithstanding the morbidity, there is a silver lining behind the cloud. In fact, multiple silver linings, Digital Transformation / Adoption en masse is one of them.

Speaking of “no-touch”, my mind wanders on to the realm of digital receipts or e-receipts. This entails paperless transactions with a corresponding cost optimization. This also offers an opportunity for greater brand recall and personalized offers for the busy consumer who would have otherwise crumpled your paper receipt unceremoniously! I mean how many of us bother to pull out and refer to that paper receipt in our jeans pocket ever! On the contrary, digital receipts sitting in your text messages and/or e-mails still tend to get your attention when you are scrolling up and down. Very few people would actually take the trouble of deleting these receipts from their inboxes and so would be coming across these during scrolls.

But perhaps the most contextual call out is “no-touch”. The Covid and Post Covid times have made us paranoid and sanitizer-phillic. No longer would you need to look at the cashier with squinted eyes to scrutinize his/her sense of hygiene, you have digital receipts now! That too receipts delivered across omni-channels, namely sms, e-mail etc.

There are interesting solutions for digital receipts in the market; GrayMatter offers the solution as part of Store Sense, a product targeted on retail revenue assurance and maximization. The digital receipts piece of this solution can be implemented a la carte too, independent of the Store Sense product, for any business as per their need!!

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GrayMatter’s solution delivers digital receipts in real-time to the shopper on sms and/or e-mail. The solution is bundled with pre-defined/customized receipt templates which offer creative opportunities to position offers, rewards and other means of customer connect. Like I mentioned earlier, this is invaluable towards generating greater brand recall and engagement with consumers. Of course, the solution enables a paperless, eco-friendly ecosystem at an optimal cost.

Digital receipts are relevant across businesses, be it at your favorite coffee bar, or god forbid at the hospital, or at any of the branded stores you love shopping at!

So,what’s your take on e-receipts?

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