Real Time Analytics Architecture

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Real Time Analytics Architecture

Big data processed and analyzed in Real Time Analytics Architecture! It is a complex task which is becoming more and more important, with massive increase in data volumes, with every passing day. A typical business scenario is one wherein data needs to be collected from numerous log files, processed and stored in an easy to query format so that business users or business analysts can easily query this data for analyses and insights.

The problem statement is complicated because application log data needs to be collected from hundreds of servers where the velocity of log data is high (MBs/second). The data collected needs to processed and enriched with the help of reference/look up data and finally loaded into target database – all this, typically, in less than a couple of minutes. The Real Time Analytics architecture required to supporting this needs to be foolproof with load balancing and fail-over configured.

GrayMatter recommends the following Real Time Analytics architecture to handle this problem statement. The Real Time Analytics architecture factors the right mix of components and best practices to enable timely and accurate processing of big data such that the final output is in an easy to consume format for business users.

Real Time Analytics Architecture


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