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Human Resource Analytics

Problem Statement

  • Need for automated tracking and improvement of performance of all HR functions like recruitment, time & attendance, leave, performance management etc.


Data collection from employee sourcing to on-boarding to entire tenure within organization till exit. The solution tracks metrics like

  • Average lead time for recruitment
  • Applicant ratio
  • Cost per hire
  • Offer acceptance rate
  • Department-wise appraisal eligibility count
  • Department-wise appraisal submission count
  • Department-wise appraisal completion count
  • Analysis of appraisal ratings
  • Department-wise punctuality
  • Designation-wise punctuality
  • Punctuality across time periods
  • Department-wise analysis of leave trends
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Value Proposition

  • Improve performance of corporate HR functions through integrated analytics platform

ROI (Business Case)

  • Increase throughput in transactions across HR department