Real-Time Document Processing System


GrayMatter’s Scan2Board, a real-time Traveler Document Processing system to Automate the Processing of PCR (Covid Medical Certificate) and HP (Health Pass) in a real time environment to determine whether a passenger is fit to travel or not. However, the system is also trained to scan the other travel documents like passport, visa or any other country’s specific documents which should required before travel.

Travel safety has become ever more important in the face of COVID-19, and GrayMatter is ensuring the highest standards of operational integrity by deploying industry leading technology that will predetermine Passengers eligibility to fly based on the latest travel advice and relevant health requirements. This has been achieved through GrayMatter’s innovative digital solution, Scan2Board, which enables the scanning and uploading of passengers’ medical certificates during online self-check-in and also allow the person at the check in counter to manually enter/upload and validate the passenger travel related documents. The system allows the subsequent processing of these documents to determine whether the travellers possesses a valid COVID-19 negative certificate, if required, and is therefore fit for travel.


Courtesy by AirAsia

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