Business Intelligence Analytics

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Consulting, Data Analytics and Reporting tools deployment is part of GrayMatter DNA. Being one of the pioneering Business Intelligence Consultants, today, GrayMatter partners with leading technologies like Pentaho, SAP BO and Oracle BIEE to create best-in-class business intelligence & analytics solutions across major industry verticals.

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Big Data Analytics


Our 'Data quality on Grid' is a unique home grown offering along with data migration and search on grid. As a Business Intelligence Consulting Company, we champion Pentaho Implementation, Hadoop training and defining your over all Big Data strategy for gathering powerful insights. GrayMatter Data Scientists create a eco-system of powerful data driven systems which is capable of self-learning.



Our team of Data scientists regularly consult on extended DIKW model, descriptive analytics and predictive analytics. A GrayMatter USP has been the customized products for simulators, what-if analysis and decision support systems deployed as per customer's business needs. We help make your data reliable, predictable and actionable.The expertise extends to tools like R and Weka with customized trainings conducted for the same.

Airport analytics solutions

Airport Analytics

According to estimates, by 2020 world airports will handle 7 billion passengers and freight traffic of over 170 million tons. Opportunities? Of course. Challenges? Many. Airport Operators need to be flexible and agile to mange such growth. Our solution gives you the option of rapid deployment due to its ever evolving pre-built framework. Transform your Airport with the proven AA+ solution.

Insurance Analytics Solutions

Insurance Analytics

Insurance companies are ready to invest mega-dollars to achieve top line Growth & Enhance bottom-lines. This can happen only when key decision makers know where the challenges and opportunities are. GrayMatter's highly intuitive dashboards and data discovery model is a one-stop solution for functional heads, analysts & CEOs of Insurance companies. Outcomes are in your control with IA+

Finance Analytics Solutions

Finance Analytics

It is not just about statutory reporting, compliance, planning or forecasting alone, those are a given in our FA+ solution. The Finance function today is about enabling business to experiment, grow and remain profitable. It is about the finance function championing the various business strategies of an enterprise to success! Our solution makes the CFO a key business ally of an organization

Pentaho training


GrayMatter is the official training partner for Pentaho. We deliver end-to-end training services on Pentaho's complete BI stack anywhere in the world. We conduct public training as well as corporate, private and customized trainings. A well trained resource reduces implementation risks, enhances efficiency, is equipped to find unique solutions and brings Cost Down dramatically! We can customize any training requirements for Pentaho. Check out our public training calendar and course content.


Data Science

Data is the new "oil" that drives a company engine! But you need expertise to mine this data and this expertise is not easy to find. The truth is, technology has evolved faster than the work force skills to make sense of this data and companies across industry must quickly train resources or be left behind! GrayMatter has realized this fact some time back having some of the most seasoned Data Science professionals in-house. We offer path breaking training modules in Data Mining, R and Weka. Check it out.


Enough has been said about Big Data. Unlocking the value of Big Data solely depend on knowledge and skills acquired through experience and training. GrayMatter has the knowledge, skills and the experience to impart this training. We offer training in Hadoop concepts & architecture, writing MR jobs, Pig, HIVE and H-Base. We can customize all these components based on individual needs and deliver unique training modules post a consulting exercise as well. Please contact us and check out training details.

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28 November 17

Most Influential Marketing Leaders Award 2017

27 October 17

PentahoWorld 2017



  • 12th ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly, Conference and Exhibition
  • PentahoWorld 2017
  • 27th ACI Africa/World Annual General Assembly, Conference and Exhibition
  • Airports Day 2017

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