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Finance Analytics (FA+) Solution is now available on the cloud!

With mission-critical apps and sensitive corporate data increasingly moving online cloud based Business Intelligence solutions are gaining prominence. InformationWeek 2015 Analytics, BI & Information Management Survey findings show that cloud-based data warehousing services adoption jumped to 34% in 2015 from 24% in 2014. Other recent reports confirm that the top three financial drivers behind the [...]

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Mapping unmapped master data values

So, you have a bit of a situation here, trying to tackle unmapped master data values in your ETL stream! Let’s take the specific example of general ledger accounts extracted from financial module of your ERP or transactional system.How to provide options to the users to map unmapped GL accounts and get the updated mapping [...]

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Data Quality Implementation using Pentaho Data Integration (PDI)

Data quality implementation is important in the context of Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence. This blog focuses on why this is important and how it can be implemented using Pentaho Data Integration (PDI). Importance of integrating quality data to Enterprise Data Warehouse A Data Warehouse is an integral part of those enterprises which want [...]

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Enabling Users with Speech-Driven Analytics

If you are used to saying, “Ok Google” or “Hey Alexa”, you should read this right now! GrayMatter presents speech-driven analytics so that you no longer need to query your data warehouse / database, nor do you have to drag and drop! You just need to speak! The advancement in Natural Language Processing (NLP) [...]

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GrayMatter featured in Parking-Network weekly news

GrayMatter’s recent customer acquisition, Swedavia, has been showcased in Parking Network weekly news. The news telecast mentions the scope of the project including the proposed implementation of GrayMatter’s Car Park Revenue Management (CPRM) solution across 22 car parks under the purview of Swedavia. Parking Network is a global community connecting parking professionals and [...]

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GrayMatter to implement Car Park Revenue Management System for Swedavia

GrayMatter announced the selection of its Car Park Revenue Management (CPRM) solution by Swedavia AB, a notable addition to its portfolio of marquee clients. The solution is intended to provide automated system that recommends optimal pricing for airport car parks as well as to provision reports for monitoring and decision-making. The engagement shall cover [...]

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Smarter ETL using metadata ingestion

In this blog I intend to explain why and how Meta Data Ingestion feature can be implemented to parameterize ETL using Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle). The blog also covers how this approach is beneficial from a project development stand point. Illustrative Scenario Let us assume a use case of a DW/BI project where customer [...]

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Annual Airport Parking Network Event 2018

GrayMatter is attending the 10th Airport Parking Network Event (APNE 2018) which will take place at Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris, France from 18th – 20th November 2018. With 20 hours of networking time, including an exclusive networking lunch and dinner, organized tours, discussions and interactive workshops, APNE is one of the most comprehensive [...]

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Annual Airport Parking Network Event 2018

The 10th edition of annual Airport Parking Network Event will take place at Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris, France from 18th – 20th November 2018. As a member of Parking Network, GrayMatter is part of this exclusive event. At this event, we will be joining both suppliers and airport operators in an informal [...]

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Top 5 trends in Analytics that you must watch out for

Business Intelligence and Analytics is a dynamic space with rapidly changing end user needs, evolving solutions and constant enhancements in underlying tools and technologies. More often than not, foresight helps in keeping you ready and prepared for the future trends and developments in the world of BI and Analytics. As I see it, the following [...]

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