When it comes to dealing with big data, a common concern is Performance and Accessibility, to achieve this, GrayMatter has come up with the best approach in providing an end-to-end system, where it can handle big data with Qlik sense services. If you are looking to analyze and structure your business data (big data), at GrayMatter data size is just a number!


  • Lacking a clearly defined BI strategy
  • Integrating multiple, disparate data sources
  • Manage/Validate Data and ensure Data Quality
  • Measuring the right KPIs in right way
  • User experience of BI Consumers

While Qlik sense services provides multiple methods in handling data/big data/multiple data sources, GrayMatter’s experts have built a hybrid model in combining three different methods into one. It is a simple two-step process:

  • Big data gets easy to handle and visualize by dividing a large application into small segments based on categories – Segmentation
  • Back processing to combine all the segments into one app based on the categories segmented.

Qlik Sense Services

Process to achieve composite model:
Step 1: Understand the business data and categorize into segments based on requirement
Step 2: Schema development which includes ETL process and app development for individual segments categorized in step1
Step 3: Dashboard/Report generation integrating all the apps into one UI, providing the proper navigation to switch/interact between the segments/data sources

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This Composite model of ours helps in

  • Integrating multiple data sources/ Qlik applications in to one.
  • Switching and accessing Qlik applications and data views at run time.
  • Tracing and validating issues.
  • Analyzing huge data with good performance.
  • Flexibility in embedding Qlik applications into Mashup
  • Users became self-reliant & empowered by the ability to create business Intelligence applications all by themselves with no help from IT
  • Development platform for customizable & embedded applications
  • Reduced Technology Costs

The user is now free to explore the selected detailed data in any direction. If a detail is not interesting, simply go back to the selection app and select again. The user can now investigate as many different slices as business user wants without the need to develop a new app each time. This really empowers business users and democratizes big data analytics beyond the realm of big data specialists and data scientists. This solution offers the flexibility to fail fast and change direction swiftly, as you explore!

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