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Clustering Pentaho BA Server 5.0.x version

14th Nov 2014

Clustering means that 2 or more instances of Pentaho share a common repository. Pentaho 5.0.X now uses the Jackrabbit Content Repository (JCR) for the BA Repository…


Analytics Company

Competitive Advantage for an ANALYTICS Company

25th Sep 2014

What are the key elements an analytics company must possess to be differentiated competitively, in the market? Needless to say, they need to be able to cater to end-to-end analytics…


PDI best practices – Why avoid insert/update step

25th Sep 2014

When we are looking at a transformation designed to use insert/update step to perform the data load on the target table. PDI step Insert/Update technically works as below…


6 Key features which can be reasons to Migrate to Pentaho 5.0

10 Jul 2014

We strongly encourage you to move to Pentaho’s latest environment that provides advanced Pentaho features. Listed below are 6 top reasons why Pentaho 5.0 could be your ideal solution Integrated Administration in PUC…


Need customized performance tuning of Pentaho dashboards? Know How

20 Jun 2014

There are several Performance tuning methodologies in Pentaho. However, Dashboards are a combination of individual components such as reporting and analyser…


Measurement System Analysis

BI also as a Decision Measurement System (DMS) – Part 2

20 May 2014

This is in continuation of the previous blog on “BI also as a Decision Measurement System (DMS)”. We saw in the previous blog that BI as a decision measurement system is something…


Crosstabs De-mystified in Pentaho Reporting

29 Apr 2014

Crosstabs have been on the horizon for several years now. They lived a happy, undisturbed life along with the unicorns and gnomes guarding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…


Pentaho and Big Data

21 Apr 2014

Predictive Analytics is having a massive impact on all the aspects of business globally. For example, Google is tweaking its Google Analytics platform and also a significant number of algorithms and search guidelines…


Predictive Analytics and its rapidly increasing Importance

11 Mar 2014

Predictive Analytics is having a massive impact on all the aspects of business globally. For example, Google is tweaking its Google Analytics platform and also a significant number of algorithms and search guidelines…


Introducing – FINANCE ANALYTICS Re-defined, FA+ 3.0 on SAP

04 Mar 2014

earing the launch date of the Finance Analytics FA+ 3.0 on SAP platform on 7th March 2014, it seemed like the right thing to do to give a quick pre-view of what FA+ 3.0 on SAP is all about…


Big Data Trends

Trends in Analytics that will make a difference

21 Feb 2014

The analytics industry is going through a number of changes recently and rapid transformation is inevitable. This is driven by the never-ending quest for higher revenues, improved customer service and rationalization of costs…


Airport Analytics Solution

Airport Analytics (AA+) – A game changer for International Airports

14 Feb 2014

GrayMatter Software Services (Pvt.) Ltd, Bangalore has developed and rapidly enhanced the Airport Analytics solution (AA+) incorporating the relevant KPIs in respect of different areas of airport…


Gartner’s Rules for Leveraging Big Data

07 Feb 2014

Before you can leverage big data, you must guard against making these two leadership failures. That’s the valuable advice coming from Gartner Inc. …


Vertical (Industry) Specific BI Products

29 Jan 2014

I strongly believe that vertical specific BI products is the future of business intelligence in the software development industry. As we experienced in the ERP space, when ERP started to emerge in the market in early 90’s…


Big Data Stack Could Emerge in 2014

23 Jan 2014

A big data equivalent of LAMP stack could emerge in 2014, according to Richard Daley, chief strategy officer of Pentaho, the specialist company dealing in business intelligence…


Predictive Analysis in the Insurance Industry

15 Jan 2014

The application of predictive analytics to the core insurance functions of marketing, underwriting and claims can provide meaningful benefits to insurers…


Insurance Analytics

Out-of-box Insurance Analytics IA+

08 Jan 2014

IA+ is out-of-box “Management Reporting solution” which covers complete spectrum of insurance business such as Sales & distribution, Marketing, Claims, Operation, Underwriting, Finance, Re-insurance and Actuarial…


BI also as a Decision Measurement System (DMS)

07 Jan 2014

When we say Business Intelligence (BI) or Analytics, normally, we mean presenting facts or data in a very meaningful, simple, visual / tabular representation…


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