GrayMatter provides BPM Consulting Services (Business Process Management) which can quickly automate business processes and increase productivity using proven workflow management tools and integration software packages. Our BPM Consulting experts have extensive global work experience across all the industries where we can create a flexible process platform tailored to your business needs and improve customer satisfaction and achieve operational savings of your organization.

GrayMatter’s BPM Consulting Services Includes:

  • BPM awareness workshop
  • BPM Fitment Analysis
  • BPM Business Case and Evaluation
  • BPM/BRM Engagement Roadmap
  • Business Process Analysis/Harmonization/Prioritization
  • Business Rules Harvesting /Extraction and Consolidation

Our Technical Advisory Services are:

  • Performance engineering modules
  • BPM Infrastructure Assessment

GrayMatter believe strategic business partnerships are all about satisfying customer’s wants and needs with a collaborative approach. This approach ensures best-in-class solutions guaranteeing 100% success in delighting the customer. Opportunities are developed by identifying what our customers want from products and services, the existing infrastructure evaluated and then informed execution plan put into place jointly by GrayMatter and partners.

GrayMatter is one of the ProcessMaker Partners and Intalio Partner which were key success in all our BPM projects and the reason for retaining loyal customers over the years.


ProcessMaker Consulting Services: ProcessMaker workflow management software allows public and private organizations to automate document intensive, approval-based processes across departments and systems. Business users and process experts with no programming experience can design and run workflows.

ProcessMaker Services delivers the following benefits:

  • Radically Reduce Paperwork
  • Use Resources More Efficiently
  • Improve Business Outcomes

Key Features for ProcessMaker Developers

ProcessMaker Developers need features and tools that make it extremely simple to build and maintain business processes:

  • Process Map Designer
  • Dynaform Builder
  • Business Rules Engines
  • Web Services API Trigger Builder
  • Advanced Debugger
  • User Management

Key Features for ProcessMaker Users

  • Cases Inbox
  • Document Management
  • Case Notes
sap bw implementation

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