Pentaho Custom Visualization Plug In Development

GrayMatter has successfully developed multiple Custom Visualization Plug-in worldwide to provide specific business needs to customers on Pentaho. For example; Google map integration, Pentaho Custom UI Development, Life-ray integration, single sign-on (SSO) and successfully delivering ‘single source of truth’ (SSOT). Information & Questions below highlights various pain areas within Embed Pentaho that we cover and some use case showcasing our success.

Custom Visualization Plugins can be developed to meet specific business needs, add a new feature, or modify an existing functionality.

GrayMatter’s Pentaho Custom Visualization Plug-in Development Features:

  • Develop Visualization Plug-ins for Enhanced User Experience
  • Embed Visualization Plug-ins in Pentaho Architecture
  • Enable Collaboration Interface with Pentaho using Plug-ins
  • Develop Scorecard Plug-ins, Leaderboard, Fusion Carts
  • Develop Custom Charts based on JSON/XML Objects
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    At GrayMatter, Your Business Matters!
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