If you are used to saying, “Ok Google” or “Hey Alexa”, you should read this right now! GrayMatter presents speech-driven analytics so that you no longer need to query your data warehouse / database, nor do you have to drag and drop! You just need to speak!

The advancement in Natural Language Processing (NLP) has changed the way we use business intelligence. This is a fast, easy and intuitive way to access insights and reports on enterprise data. Non-technical people do not have to worry about training themselves on the tool / interface, they can just spell out their query! GrayMatter’s experts have ensured that the speech-driven analytics solution works seamlessly across data sources in a secure manner, enabling reliable and fast insights. The speech-driven analytics solution enables natural language processing so that user query (structured/unstructured/keyword-driven) is addressed with the correct output in the form of intuitive visualizations and reports.

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The unavailability of training dataset is a major challenge in developing such a system. To address this challenge, GrayMatter’s Speech analytics platform is based on a mixed implementation approach, wherein we have leveraged the advantage of context free grammar parser for generating SQL queries and machine learning approach is used to handle unstructured, misspelling, poor grammar sentences which are not parsed by grammar, resulting in improved accuracy.

GrayMatter’s Speech/Text Search Analytics is a plug and play solution with 6-8 weeks’ time of deployment. The solution delivers value across industry verticals including technology, aviation, insurance, retail, transportation and others.

Speech-Driven Analytics

Following are some of the notable features of the solution:

  • Python based platform for parsing natural language query
  • Mobile and desktop enabled platform
  • Query suggestions based on user’s primary query
  • Solution operates standalone and can be embedded in application as well
  • Multiple visualizations presented for a single query
  • Capability to switch visualization to other types
  • Capability to export visualizations to image, csv and email attachments
  • Auto scheduling of grammar generation feature based on updated configuration
  • Integrated platform with relational database
  • Auto spell correction