A:  One of the key strengths of the solution is that it is pre-built with ready-made data models, data extractors, transformation routines, report queries.The degree of customization required is minimal (< 10%) and so the time taken to deploy this solution is 3-4 months

A: FA+ is pre-built with industry standard KPIs, analyses as well as ready-made data models, data extractors, transformation routines. This ensures minimal customization and remarkably reduced rework at different phases of a custom built application lifecycle. The post go live maintenance cost is also radically lower with FA+. In fact the cost and time required to implement FA+ is 5-6 times lower than that required for a corresponding custom built solution

A: The solution is based on industry standard BI and Analytics needs and the entire solution starting from data model to data extractors to transformation & routines as well as report queries are ready-built to meet your typical BI needs with an expected required customization of less than 10%

A: This is unlikely. However in the unlikely event that this happens, the solution is customizable to meet your unique needs. Having said that we really do not expect a customization of more than 10%

A: Not at all! FA+ is technology agnostic and will work in tandem with your existing tech stack be it SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Pentaho or anything else!

A: FA+ consists of a pre-built ETL solution which includes pre-built extractors for all industry standard source systems. The data integration is a part of the solution, all we need from you is information on the various data sources and we will get the rest done for you!

A: It cannot be compared! FA+ is a solution which can be deployed on any technology stack whereas Qlikview is a tool. In other words FA+ is not a tool, it’s a solution that can be deployed on any combination of technologies and tools

A: GrayMatter has an eclectic mix of finance domain experts who ensure that all the industry standard BI needs are defined and covered by the solution

A: Yes, it is, please reach out to FA_queries@graymatter.co.in for more information

A: Yes! FA+ is built such that it covers your needs for the next 10 years, at the least!

A: FA+ includes role-based insights which ensures that your different key business users get what they want!

A: Yes of course! FA+ insights are available on any device, any time!

A: We read your mind! You should go for FA+ on cloud. For more details please reach out to FA_queries@graymatter.co.in