Partner NetworkGrayMatter has launched its new look website showcasing their strengths and maturity in services , solutions , partner network and pride of customers over a period of time. We are proud of our achievements over the past seven years wherein we have grown exponentially in knowledge, reach , engineering excellence and market share. It humbles us to have customers who keep coming back to us for advisories and guidance on Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Data Discovery and Visualization besides their Reporting bottlenecks. We also take this opportunity to say ‘Thank you’ to all our collaborators viz. Technology partners, Service partners, our Internal partners and above all our Customers. The future looks exceedingly promising at GrayMatter , with the team poised to take on fresh challenges in the BI, Data analytics and Data sciences space. We are banking on our over 1000+ man years of experience in pure play Business Intelligence & Data Sciences to deliver our short-term plans and long-term vision. Our newly launched public profile will continue to evolve to reflect the knowledge and expertise gained by our people, our projects and market sentiments in the Analytics & Data space