Increase revenues through accurate sales data integration, streamlined contract management, mall concessions revenue management and insightful sales analytics

Challenges faced by Malls :

  • Manual integration or inaccurate automated integration of point of sales data leading to productivity and/or quality issues
  • Lack of reliable repository of mall concessions revenue management contracts and rules leading to inaccurate billing
  • Absence of automated income computation based on contract rules leading to inaccurate billing
  • Lack of real-time automated campaigns to incentivize loyal customers and acquire new customers
  • Absence of comprehensive analytics and business intelligence to enable timely and accurate decision making

mall concessions revenue management

GrayMatter’s Solution – Value Proposition

  • Automated capture of POS data with minimal intrusion in the concessionaire’s systems
  • Ability to maintain and update contracts repository including linked contacts, conditions and business rules
  • Lack of real-time automated campaigns to incentivize loyal customers and acquire new customers
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics enabling reporting, analysis, auditing & monitoring of concessionaire sales
  • Automated income computation based on revenue sharing rules and provisioning the computed income as input to billing system
  • Campaign management application with configurable promotion rules, ability to deliver the promotional offer via e-mail / sms, support redemption and financial settlement
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Solution Benefits

mall concessions revenue management

Solution Details

Automated Sales Data Capture
  • Works with variety of POS Devices
  • Minimal Manual Intervention
  • Validates Data Quality
  • Secure Data Exchange
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Prevent Revenue Leakage
  • Terminal / Store / POS wise Insights
  • Product category wise Insights
  • Insights by Nationality, Destination
  • Analyses Across Time Periods
Income Computation
  • Rule -driven Invoicing
  • Invoice Review & Approval Capability
  • Real-time Integration with Billing
  • Real -firm Integration with Analytics
  • Automated Invoice Dispatch Capability
Contract Management
  • Unified Repository
  • Maintains Business Rules
  • Workflow -driven
  • Time based Versioning
  • Seamless Integration with Billing
Promotion & Campaign Management
  • Duration, Budget and Target
  • Promotion Rules on Transaction Amounts & Eligible Discounts
  • Coupon Generation
  • Coupon Redemption
  • Payment Reconciliation & Settlement

Decision Support in Action!


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Store Leaderboard


Retail Sales (DFS)

Store Sales Data Extraction

GrayMatter’s Store Sense, is an IoT device that enables real-time data capture from POS systems. The device enables significant business value, driven by the following:

  • Automated data capture from point of sale leading to more efficient and accurate revenue reporting by retailers
  • Data captured is used for billing and subsequent income computation based on contract rules. Enhanced accuracy in sales data collection ensures that there is no revenue leakage and hence no negative impact on income computation
  • Store Sense integrates data from multiple sources  as well as POS machines to enable cross-linked, insightful analytics through analysis of passenger demographics and purchase data
StoreSense product
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