Manufacturing Analytics (MA+) Reduces Cost while Improving
Operational Efficiency

GrayMatter’s MA+ is a comprehensive solution addressing enterprise-wide BI & Analytics needs of manufacturing businesses. The solution is role-based and meets needs for business insights across levels in every department of manufacturing organization. MA+ is a pre-built solution with 4 weeks delivery promise made possible due to pre-built complete manufacturing BI data model, data integration with all major manufacturing systems and full range of dashboards, reports and analytics designed specifically to promote best practices in a manufacturing organization across departments.

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MA+ Value Proposition

MA+ solution has been successfully implemented for global clients and has driven key business benefits as depicted below

Enhanced Quality

Redefined analytics of factors impacting quality leading to effort savings

Faster go-to-market

Data driven insights leading to Faster go-to-market schedule saving

Increased equipment availability

Equipment downtime cut down through predictive analysis

Reduced claim costs

Warranty claim analytics reducing claims costs

Reduced inventory cost

Accurate demand forecasting leading to reduction in inventory costs

Enhanced collaboration

Tightly integrated across departments leading to enhanced throughtput

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Product Coverage

MA+ provides extensive functional coverage encompassing all departments in a manufacturing enterprise. The solution is also equipped with strong technology capability including ETL connectors, dashboards, reports, ad-hoc analysis, visualizations, alerts, workflow & BPM, budgeting & planning, data mining & statistical models.

Warehouse Management
  • Inbound analysis
  • Warehouse analysis
  • Outbound analysis
  • Warehouse occupancy
Supply Chain Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Procurement & Spend
  • Inventory Management
  • Supplier Performance
Production / Factory Analytics
  • Field Quality Engineering
  • Production Quality
  • DPMO/PPM analysis
  • SPC Analysis
  • Plant Availability
  • Plant Performance
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Delivery Adherence
  • Revenue per employee
  • Manufacturing cost per unit
  • Net Operating Profit
Human Resources
  • Recruitment
  • Time & Attendance
  • Workforce Management

  • Performance Management

The MA+ Advantage

GrayMatter’s MA+ has been successfully implemented for global manufacturing companies. The success of the solution is driven not only by its extensive breadth and depth of functional coverage but also due to the solution differentiators driving the advantages depicted below

Simple, risk-free deployment

The ‘pre-built’ proposition of the product radically alters the traditional deployment lifecycle for BI and hence make it more predictable and risk free

Superior User Experience

Device agnostic delivery of simple, intuitive and role-based insights

Scalable, Future-proof solution

Scalable, future-solution designed to meet your future business needs not only terms of sizing but also expected domain trends.

Dramatically lower TCO

The ‘pre-built’ proposition ensures overall lower efforts and hence lower costs leading to lower TCO

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Solution Snapshots

MA+ is a KPI-driven solution built on the 4Ws premise of what, where, when and why which ensures that the business user gets a complete picture of any business issue and can drill-down the root cause.

The solution is equipped with extensive drill downs, slice-dice, collaborative features and also powered by the latest advanced analytics techniques which makes it an outstanding manufacturing analytics product

At GrayMatter, Your Business Matters!
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At GrayMatter, Your Business Matters!
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