So, you have a bit of a situation here, trying to tackle unmapped master data management values in your ETL stream! Let’s take the specific example of general ledger accounts extracted from financial module of your ERP or transactional system.

How to provide options to the users to map unmapped GL accounts and get the updated mapping uploaded into the warehouse?

Let’s take a landscape with SAP BODS as ETL tool and Process Maker as the master data management tool. Here’s what happens next, as part of the solution:

  • While the daily load happens the GL for which mapping are missing will be moved to a rejection table and a case id is generated for the same
  • While inserting the records into the rejection table, BODS calls a webservice to access the process maker server to get the case id generated
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  • A mail is triggered from BODS to the respective team with a link to open the rejected GLs in Process Maker
  • Users open the rejected GLs in process maker by clicking on the link provided in the mail
  • User can then see the unmapped GL on the screen and he has option to download them to a excel file, do the mapping and upload the same through the process maker screen
  • Once uploaded the updated data will be pushed to the DS layer using a webservice
  • During the incremental load scheduled for every night, the updated data will be picked from the DS and processed in to the data warehouse
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GrayMatter’s SAP BI experts enabled the outcome above, which is simple, elegant and yet comprehensive. This was another instance of GrayMatter’s innovation addressing specific client challenges, leading to customer delight. The following architecture diagram depicts the solution clearly:

Master Data Management