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Qlik Sense Consulting Services

Do you have any of the following needs for your Qlik system?

Qlik Services

Do you have any of the following needs for your Qlik Services?

Need mash-up of discrete content from different applications?
Looking for custom capabilities in visualizations?
Are your Qlik visualizations rendering slow?
Do you want to migrate to Qlik?
Need to integrate advanced analytics to your visualization?
Are you happy with your BI experience on handheld?

GrayMatter’s Qlik Journey

GrayMatter is a peerless provider of innovative Qlik visualization. We have delivered unique and elegant solutions to depict seemingly complex analyses, with the help of our expert, in-house, Qlik Sense and QlikView consultant team. GrayMatter has provided Qlik consulting and implementation services to customers worldwide including industry leaders across verticals. GrayMatter’s Qlik services experts have implemented Qlik visualization to represent advanced analytics outputs arising from Data Science and Machine Learning Algorithms. GrayMatter has also provided Qlik Sense Consulting Services and Qlik Services for Big Data Analytics including data from IoT sources, unstructured data and many more. GrayMatter is partnered with Qlik and by virtue of the same is not only a Qlik services provider but also a Qlik reseller.

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Our Qlik Services

A complete suite for BI, Analytics, Big Data & Data Integration

Architecture Consulting
Architecture Consulting
  • Schema design (Star/Snowflake)

  • Integration of security layer on top of data schema

  • Implementing n-tier architecture maintaining data consistency, scalability, data integrity
  • Architecting Big data integration
  • Analysis of unstructured data(Facebook, Twitter etc.)
Dashboarding Services
Dashboard & Data Model Development
  • Star/Snowflake/Hybrid data model design

  • Three layer model for Extraction, Manipulation and Load of data

  • Custom dashboard development using Qlik mashup or default Qlik components
  • Data and user security using Section Access
Extension Development
Extension Development
  • Custom extensions enable to extend Qlik visualization capabilities
  • Extensions equipped with capability to extract and manipulate data
  • Responsive and mobile friendly extensions
  • Integration of popular visualizations like D3, C3
Qlik Mashup Development
Mobile Enabled Mashups
  • Qlik Mashup development using inbuilt and custom components
  • Mobile friendly and responsive Qlik mashup development
  • Comprehensive support on the mashups, including on mobile platforms
Integration of Advanced Analytics
Integration of Advanced Analytics
  • Integration of advance analytics like R with Qlik

  • Consuming and invoking remote analytics model
  • Guided analytics implementation using Qlik Mashups
Performance Tuning
Performance Tuning
  • Data Model optimization

  • Improving code scalability and reusability
  • Responsive and mobile friendly extensions
  • Code optimization to make it more efficient
Migration Services
  • Migrating QlikView to Qlik Sense

  • Migrating Qlik Sense to QlikView
  • Migration from other BI platforms to QlikView
  • Migration from other BI platforms to Qlik Sense
  • Migration of Qlik Sense from lower to higher versions.
  • Migration of QlikView form lower to higher versions.
Qlik Sense Services
  • Managing Qlik instance

  • User directory, DSN and Qlik data connections maintenance
  • Qlik operations monitoring
  • Auditing and Troubleshooting, including scheduled and ad-hoc tasks
  • Managing user & login access rights with security rules
  • App Deployment and tasks/trigger management
Qlik Support
Production Support
  • Managing production system and services

  • 24/7 service monitoring
  • Troubleshooting and Service health checks
  • Existing AD,DSN and Qlik data connection maintenance.
  • Providing access to users and license/token monitoring
  • System & services health check and troubleshooting

Solution Snapshots

GrayMatter excels in providing QlikView services, QlikView consulting, Qlik Sense services and Qlik Sense consulting services with its team of Qlik experts. The team leverages its deep knowledge in Qlik coupled with delivery best practices to ensure customer delight. The availability of domain experts guarantees that the needs of respective industries are addressed in every single engagement. GrayMatter’s QlikView services and Qlik Sense services cater to global customers and assure outstanding return on investment for our valued customers

At GrayMatter, Your Business Matters!
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At GrayMatter, Your Business Matters!
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