Self Service Analytics tool on Qlik Platform

Self Service Analytics Tool

Business Problem:

Data was coming from various sources for close to 30 countries. It was very important to explore the data from all the context to get 360 view in order to take the right decision about the business. Since each geography/user have some unique requirement, business users from each location wanted to slice and dice the data differently which can give better insight about KPI. Considering the various dimension/ demographic information, it is difficult to provide dashboards for all the permutations and combinations. Qlik dashboard was created to suffice the requirement but was limited to global requirement.

Solution Approach:

In order to provide the solution for the above stated problem, GrayMatter has come up with a Self Service Analytics tool on the Qlik platform. The tool allows user to select data source, mandatory dimensions, measures, filters and choice of visualizations to represent the data.


  • Simple and guided analytics for business users with zero or minimal technical skills required
  • Complete freedom from the need to query the data based on the specific requirement
  • Choice of visualization to get the data rendered in a manner that best suits the context
  • Slicing and dicing from any context/dimensions based on the specific requirement
  • Ability to explore at will, beyond what is available in the dashboard
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