CDR Analytics

CDR analytics can surely be used to improve decision-making during moments of crisis, and telcos have no reason not to help

CDR Analytics

Problem Statement

  • Enhance customer service quality and agent productivity



  • Analysis of call data extracted from numerous switches with 20+ million records per hour.
  • Analysis deliverables to ensure timely and effective service as well as to track agent productivity and effectiveness with metrics like
    • Avg Call Handled Time (AHT)
    • Abandonment Rate (ABA)
    • Average Speed to Answer (ASA)
    • Time Service Factor (TSF)
    • Turn Around Time (TAT)
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Value Proposition

Value Proposition

  • Increase customer satisfaction levels through timely and effective support, delivered with very high agent productivity


ROI (Business Case)

  • Significant increase in agent productivity
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction levels