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Procurement Analytics

Problem Statement

  • Need for automated tracking of goods and services procured and related costshold


  • Data is integrated from purchase, inventory, finance and other departments.
  • Solution tracks metrics like
    • PO amount issued
    • PO amount fulfilled
    • Procurement by segment, by cost center, by department, by spend category
    • Variance between planned and actual procurement by goods, by services, by capex, by opex,
    • Top 10 vendors by on time fulfillment
    • All above analyses across time periods,
    • Transactional reports for phase-wise tracking viz., PO, GRN, Invoice, Payment etc.
  • The solution also identifies fraudulent transactions as well as any reconciliation required.
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Value Proposition

  • Elevated control on procurement budget and fulfillment schedule as well as enhanced vendor selection

ROI (Business Case)

  • Improvement in fulfillment schedule adherence
  • Reduction in procurement costs