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Production Quality & Efficiency Improvement

Problem Statement

  • Need to improve production quality & efficiency to increase customer satisfaction and reduce production cost by maximizing first-time right and minimizing rework


Solution integrates data from diverse sources across the enterprise to track metrics like

  • % First Pass Yield (FPY),
  • FPY by factory,
  • FPY by SKU,
  • FPY by business unit,
  • FPY by business group,
  • FPY by lines of business,
  • FPY trend across time,
  • Defects per million opportunities (DPMO),
  • Defect traceability to root cause
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Value Proposition

  • Enhancing customer satisfaction and productivity by Improving production quality and reducing rework

ROI (Business Case)

  • Significant improvement in efficiency and significant increase in %FPY within 6 months of system go live