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Warranty Claims Cost Reduction

Problem Statement

  • To Reduce Warranty Claims Cost


  • Integrate repair data and identify top 50 SKUs that contribute to 80% or more of warranty cost.
  • Once SKUs are identified, drill down to failed units for each SKU and find out factories where these units were manufactured
  • Top 10 failure causes, symptoms and top 10 components failing, are identified for each SKU.
  • Once SKU or group of SKU is mapped to manufacturing unit, analyze the manufacturing process history and Bill of Material used at the time of manufacturing.
  • As part of this analysis, it is important to find patterns for component failures which has caused high field failure rate
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Value Proposition

  • Reduction in Warranty Claims Cost by Analysis of Repairs Data

ROI (Business Case)

  • 5-8% reduction in monthly warranty claims cost within 6 months of system go-live