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Another Jewel in the Crown… GrayMatter among Top 50 Emerging Companies in India

NASSCOM Emerge 50 2014 Awards are result of a year-long search for India’s Most Innovative Top 50 Emerging Companies software product-centric companies. GrayMatter is one of the chosen one to be in the top 50 with Airport Analytics AA+ product,  transforming and empowering global Airports  using analytics. A complete profile of winning companies will be showcased [...]

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Transforming International Airports using Airport Analytics AA+ solution

ACI airport exchange event at CNIT, Paris, France (Nov 3 – 5)  was a very successful event for GrayMatter’s AA+ product with Airport Data Analytics catching attention of some of the top global airports. Transforming International Airports using Airport Analytics AA+ solution enhancing Profitability and Customer Experience resonated with all major airport operators. Around 25+ [...]

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Clustering Pentaho BA Server 5.0.x version

Clustering Pentaho means that 2 or more instances of pentaho business analytics share a common repository. Pentaho 5.0.X now uses the Jackrabbit Content Repository (JCR) for the BA Repository. Pentaho stores content about reports that you create, examples we provide, report scheduling data, and audit data in the BA Repository. The BA Repository resides on [...]

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2014 ACI Airport Exchange

November 3rd - 5th 2014 (CNIT, Paris, France) ACI Airport Exchange 2014 ACI EUROPE and ACI ASIA PACIFIC are delighted to present ACI Airport Exchange 2014 in partnership with Aéroports de Paris, in a milestone year during which Aéroports de Paris celebrates the 40th anniversary of Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport. Airport Analytics, AA+, of GrayMatter [...]

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Register to Learn Pentaho Version Migration

Register to Learn Pentaho Version Migration Pentaho Version Migration November 24th 2014 (Presented by: Suresh Kumar, Sr. Business Intelligence Architect) Why Migrate? Challenges with current / previous versions Benefits of new version Who should Migrate? Educate Benefits vs. Needs How should we Migrate? Migration options Pentaho migration tool and associated limitations GrayMatter migration methodology and [...]

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PentahoWorld 2014

PentahoWorld 2014 GrayMatter Software Services participates in the PentahoWorld 2014 event taking place at The Hilton Bonnet Creek in Orlando, Florida, October 9-10. GrayMatter to showcase their expertise in Pentaho, which unlocks the insight to improve operational efficiency and fuel growth. GrayMatter’s vast experience in BI, Analytics & Data Science across industries and geographies blend [...]

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Competitive Advantage for an ANALYTICS Company

What are the key elements an analytics company must possess to be differentiated competitively, in the market? Needless to say, they need to be able to cater to end-to-end analytics. Be it simple reporting or intuitive analytics, through interactive dashboards or all sorts of analysis of OLAP nature i.e. pivoting, drill-downs, drill-through, drill-ups, slice-and-dice analysis [...]

PDI Best Practices – Avoid Insert/Update Step that Slow Down PDI (Pentaho Data Integration)

Are you aware that the process which may slow down the PDI (Pentaho Data Integration) is the insert/update step? We GrayMatter Software Service are glad to describe the process to avoid in PDI (Pentaho Data Integration), namely, insert/update step, which is the reason for slow down in PDI process. Explanation is given below in brief. [...]

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Webinar on how to Improve your customer experience

Airport Management Krishnamurthy K S with over 35 years of Airport Management experience is a highly respected Aviation professional globally, whose views are sought after. His experience spans across the spectrum of entire International Airport Operations and Management; right from licensing and regulatory norms; communications facilities; concessionaires management; co-ordination with key governmental agencies including environmental [...]

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Informatica World Tour 2014

September 24th 2014 (Mumbai, India) Informatica World Tour 2014 Transform data into insight. GrayMatter to participate in Informatica World Tour India 2014, a leading data integration event for technology professionals & business leaders. Meet our BI, Analytics and Data science experts and know about our solutions, partnership with Informatica Read More

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