Clustering Pentaho BA Server 5.0.x version

Clustering Pentaho means that 2 or more instances of pentaho business analytics share a common repository. Pentaho 5.0.X now uses the Jackrabbit Content Repository (JCR) for the BA Repository. Pentaho stores content about reports that you create, examples we provide, report scheduling data, and audit data in the BA Repository. The BA Repository resides on [...]

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PDI Best Practices – Avoid Insert/Update Step that Slow Down PDI (Pentaho Data Integration)

Are you aware that the process which may slow down the PDI (Pentaho Data Integration) is the insert/update step? We GrayMatter Software Service are glad to describe the process to avoid in PDI (Pentaho Data Integration), namely, insert/update step, which is the reason for slow down in PDI process. Explanation is given below in brief. [...]

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Need customized performance tuning of Pentaho dashboards? Know How

There are several Performance tuning methodologies in Pentaho. Pentaho Dashboards are a combination of individual components such as reporting and analyser. Any performance tuning would need to impact all such pentaho dashboards components. Two such areas are 1) Size of Data to be transferred from server to client environment (To optimize network bandwidth) 2) Rendering [...]

6 Key features which can be reasons to migrate to Pentaho 5.0

We strongly encourage you to Migrate to Pentaho latest environment that provides advanced Pentaho features. Listed below are 6 top reasons why Pentaho 5.0 could be your ideal solution. 1. Integrated Administration in PUC & Merge of enterprise console into Pentaho user console This aspect gives a completely fresh look to the user console. The [...]

Crosstabs De-mystified in Pentaho Reporting

Pentaho Crosstab have been on the horizon for several years now. They lived a happy, undisturbed life along with the unicorns and gnomes guarding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Penthao Crosstab are an easy and relatively easy way to visualize tabular data along two or more axis. They are an [...]

Pentaho and Big Data

Predictive Analytics is having a massive impact on all the aspects of business globally. For example, Google is tweaking its Google Analytics platform and also a significant number of algorithms and search guidelines. This will definitely have a huge impact on the functions of all content creators this year. The current value of Predictive Analytics [...]

Pentaho Launches Community Edition 5.0

Pentaho Corporation recently announced the immediate availability of its Open Source Pentaho Community Edition 5.0. It is the latest version of business analytics and open source data integration platform. The launch event also included the Pentaho Marketplace, where members of the community can download and explore all available plug ins developed by the Pentaho Community. [...]

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