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Motor Insurance Pricing strategy using Predictive Analytics

Today motor insurance companies are attempting to improve the bottom-line by containing cost which has very limited scope. While continuing driving the cost insurer must focus on innovative product pricing which is more market driven than the regulator. Some of the product segments are highly price sensitive, especially motor insurance; profits are eroding and it [...]

Predictive Analysis in Insurance Industry

The application of Predictive Analytics in Insurance Company is for the core insurance functions of marketing, underwriting and claims can provide meaningful benefits to insurers. The greater availability of data, technological advances, and pressure to maintain competitive advantage has seen insurers leverage predictive analytics to make informed decisions. Marketing Analytics: Increasing Hit and Retention Ratio Predictive [...]

Out-of-box Insurance Analytics IA+

Insurance Analytics IA+ is out-of-box “Management Reporting solution” which covers complete spectrum of insurance business such as Sales & distribution, Marketing, Claims, Operation, Underwriting, Finance, Re-insurance and Actuarial. Insurance Analytics IA+ offers vast repository of KPI’s and metrics for various roles and responsibilities – running into several hundreds. The solution come with pre-built dashboard and [...]

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