Get the Best on Cloud BI

  1. Seamless deployment of cloud BI platform with our Cloud BI Solutions

  2. Easy integration with on premise systems as well as with different type of cloud platforms like public, private and hybrid

  3. Ensure secure Cloud BI systems with identity management, authentication and authorization

  4. Equip mobile integration allowing users to be connected on the go

  5. Simple, lucid user experience on the Cloud BI platform

  6. Train end users on how to derive maximum advantage from Mobile BI, since a typical Mobile BI platform includes different type of applications

Cloud BI Solutions
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Extracts from GrayMatter Experience

GrayMatter has worked on different cloud models for BI deployments, including private hosted cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud. The architecture modes include the following combinations:

  • Source systems on premise, DW on cloud, Reporting & Dashboarding layer on cloud
  • Source systems on premise, DW on premise, Reporting & Dashboarding layer on cloud

Appended below is a typical architecture of a Cloud BI system, hosted on one of the industry leading public clouds

Cloud BI Services

Cloud BI Solutions

GrayMatter’s Cloud BI Solutions covers

Cloud BI Solutions


Readiness Assessment, Identifying applications

ideal for cloud, selection of cloud platform

and deployment model

Cloud BI Solutions


Build of Data Warehouse and /or Setting up Visualization Platform in the cloud

Cloud BI Solutions

Cloud Operations

Set up of selected cloud platform according to

model chosen, including hybrid models

Cloud BI Solutions

Cloud Optimization

Ongoing addition/removal of applications to

be on cloud, to maximize ROI

Cloud BI Solutions


Ongoing support to BI/Analytics systems on

the cloud

Cloud BI Solutions


Migrating BI applications and data from on

premise to cloud

Expertise across Technology Stacks

GrayMatter has seamless deployed enterprise grade cloud BI for customers across verticals. Cloud BI solutions have been deployed across hosting providers like the ones listed below

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud
IBM Cloud
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At GrayMatter, Your Business Matters!
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