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Our Mobile BI Solutions offer immediate access to analyses from any device with the ability provided to user to interact and get actionable insights with minimal clicks. Ideally, the insights would cover summary level metrics for simple, crisp indicators for senior executives as well as provide tactical details to field level personnel who need immediate, real-time information on their handheld. In addition, cloud-based mobile Business Intelligence solutions means that you can access your device from anywhere leading to enhanced collaboration with the help of mobile devices.

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Maximize Mobile BI Benefits – Key Considerations

In order to maximize benefits from Mobile Business Intelligence, some key considerations are factored by an expert Mobile BI Solutions provider like GrayMatter into its advisory, approach and execution:

  1. Dashboard design approach specific to mobile devices

  2. Fast and stable deployment of Business Intelligence systems

  3. Secure implementations addressing data protection in device, transmission security, authentication & authorization

  4. Bring your own device enablement to manage and control mobile device registration, access and usage

  5. Enablement of online and offline data, mobile bi dashboards, reports & analyses

  6. Enablement of real-time analyses on mobile

  7. Enabling Cloud based mobile business intelligence

Mobile Business Intelligence Solutions

Our Mobile Business Intelligence Solutions

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Mobile BI with cloud-based backend

UI Design Best Practices

Fewer Colors in Dashboard
Retain same colors in dashboards, reports and their drill-downs
Provide drill down options instead of too many views in the limited real estate on mobile
Make the design responsive across devices
Most important chart/table on the top left
Use of appropriate font size, Avoid legends if possible
Dark background, light foreground colors
Minimal number of filters/ prompts
Ensure spaces between objects to allow for finger space and prevent incorrect clicks
Ensure that all reading is from left to right and top to bottom
Try to limit charts & tables to 4 in one view
Use appropriate visualizations that stand out in the limited space
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