Ankit Patni, Our UI/UX Expert looks at every dashboard / Design with “Good, Bad and Ugly” perspective only. In his blog he explains about fundamental requirements in any given dashboard.  He says “Good Dashboard design is important to increase user adaptation and also to prioritize the way information is being presented to the users. But the real challenge for a Designer, comes when one has to create a concoction of design with Fundamentals Of Design (FOD), Business and Technology, in a way that the simplicity of design is never lost and the motive of design is supplied in a way that user needs not to spend much effort in understanding the design rather, they can focus on Business.”

Dashboard Design

He emphasizes on the importance of having a good dashboard to showcase the data in more consumable manner and thus making it more interesting. With increasing amount of data on a day-to-day scale, the designer plays a major role to foresee the importance of dashboard design even when data explodes. The dashboard should be able to digest the complete information and showcase in user friendly and digestible manner.