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  1. Are you facing issues with master data integrity and harmonization in the absence of Data Governance Consulting?

  2. Are you struggling with multiple source systems integration leading to inconsistent data and insights?

  3. Are you able to adapt to changing business and regulatory landscape that lead to need for changes in master data?

  4. Is your data clean up cycle manual, and too effort consuming and time taking?

  5. How do you manage access control and information security?

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What do you achieve with GrayMatter’s Data Governance Consulting Services?

Centralized data/KPI definition and data lineage
Access control and BI Content Lifecycle management
Onboarding new data set in BI
Streamline approval workflows and make them faster
Master Data management
Data Security and Data Encryption Governance Rules
React faster to changing Business environment & track Product movement better
Achieve agility for evolving regulatory compliance requirements

Data Governance Services

Data Governance


Defining policies, frameworks, processes to establish or enhance data governance

Data Governance

Workflow Management

Enabling rule-based workflow for proper data management

Data Governance

Master Data Management

Ensuring standard master data and any changes in master from source

Data Governance

Metadata Management

Ensure consistent metadata with proper lineage to source systems

Data Governance

Security & Privacy

Ensure role-based access to data with proper encryption

Data Governance

Data Quality Management

Provide complete, accurate data for your enterprise

Typical Data Governance Framework

GrayMatter provides a structured Data Governance Consulting which addresses centralized data & KPI definition, data lineage, master data management (mdm solutions), BI content lifecycle management and privacy & information security. This leads to data integrity & quality thereby enabling the platform for high quality data-driven insights

Data Governance Consulting

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At GrayMatter, Your Business Matters!
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