The key advantages of BI Dashboard that Graymatter brings to you

Gaining an instant insight into performances at the individual, departmental and enterprise level. Business users would have access to key information which is instrumental in improving organizational process and performance. It produces actionable content contributing to prompt and reliable business decisions

Types of Data Integration Techniques

Data integration aims at providing an integrated and consistent view of data coming from internal and external data sources. This is achieved in using one of the three different data integration techniques, depending on the heterogeneity, complexity, and volume of data sources involved. Data Consolidation As the name suggests, data consolidation is the process of [...]

Data Integration Challenges

A variety of tools, platforms, and sources can be used to ingest and store data. Getting everything into one place can be a major challenge. What's more, new data sources are introduced all the time. This means scale and schema flexibility are paramount. Aggregated data is often inferior to raw data when deriving analyses and [...]

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