GrayMatter‘s experts address customers’ Pentaho Reporting related needs and challenges on a daily basis. Starting from data integration using Pentaho Data Integration to dashboarding using dashboard designer, reporting using report designer, best-in-class custom components, we have done it all for 200+ projects around the globe.

I am going to focus on reporting in this blog. Following are some reporting requirements that run into issues with Pentaho, did you face these?

  • Including date as part of report file name
  • Embedding chart types that are not part of report designer
  • Dynamic page setup(height) based on the records count
  • Dynamic UI theming for the reports
  • While scheduling the reports, the pentaho reporting content has to be pasted in email body rather than as an attachment
  • Outputs of multiple scheduled reports should be attached in same email and sent

Yes! I faced these challenges and others on which I need help!

GrayMatter’s Pentaho experts have solved the above challenges and many more! You are just a click away from an expert session with our consultants! Go for it!

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