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From financial planning to sales & marketing, GrayMatter’s expert SAP Analytics Cloud services help businesses make end-to end decisions with confidence

Financial Solution: Simply the financial planning process for all business areas across roles with integrated planning functionality

HR Solution: Optimize human resources and staffing with a comprehensive view of your HR efforts.

Operations Solution: Set an organizational standard for productivity and quality, and streamline business operations.

Sales Solution: Use data as your competitive advantage for more optimized and targeted sales efforts to seize new opportunities.

Marketing Solution: Employ a data-driven marketing strategy for better results in all activities from individual campaigns to annual planning.

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      GrayMatter’s SAP Analytics Cloud(SAC) Capabilities

      GrayMatter’s SAP Analytics Cloud(SAC) Capabilities

      GrayMatter delivers Enterprise – Wide SAP Analytics Cloud Footprint

      SAP Analytics Cloud Engagement for Manufacturing Major

      GrayMatter has successfully delivered this multi-country roll out across Europe and UK, of enterprise data integration and data visualization, powered by expert SAP Analytics Cloud Services. We have delivered enterprise dashboards as well as self-service stories as part of this engagement. This multi-year engagement includes implementation and support of dashboards and self-service stories across functions including finance, HR, operations, supply chain and others. We are glad to have achieved customer delight during the course of this project, by virtue of the value added to the client business, due to this implementation. Some notable aspects linked to the engagement include the following:

      Successfully imported a huge volume of data (50 Million rows of data) to be consumed for both self- service as well as analytics applications

      Star schema implementation using Public Dimensions, to enable decoupling of master data into the cube.

      Effectively used R Visualization for depicting custom KPI Tile visualization with data binding

      Work done on custom widget SDK to enrich the user experience by making custom visualization

      SAP Analytics Cloud Engagement

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