GrayMatter Software Services (Pvt.) Ltd, Bangalore has developed and rapidly enhanced the Airport Analytics solution (AA+) incorporating the relevant KPIs in respect of different areas of airport functions like Operations, Commercial, Finance and Infrastructure maintenance. AA+ has been implemented for the GMR airports some time back. The SAP software that GMR has been using is SAP ECC 6.0, BI 7.3 and BO 4.0 SP4. The AA+ solution has been developed on BO and uses all of these underlying SAP modules as well. Airport Analytics solution is a comprehensive ‘one of its kind’ Airport BI solution in the world considering varied and complex Airport Operator’s business model globally. The analytics solution is enterprise wide and gives insights into every inch of the Airport Operators business with its unique cross-linking capabilities.

Data Sources of Airports

One of the main sources of data at airports is the Airport Operational Data Base (AODB) where the The Cargo terminals, fuel farm, flight catering establishments, ground handling agencies etc., which are a part of the airport flight handling, have their own systems suitable for their business. Almost all the retail outlets, food court establishments, Duty-free Shopping complex have their respective E-POS systems recording every transaction. The standard SAP systems are used for financial applications at the airport. In cases where any of these systems does not exist, the data pertaining to those units are compiled in Excel formats manually at pre-determined intervals.

Key features of the Solution

Analytics of Data consolidated from multiple underlying systems in respect of Air Traffic Movements, Passengers, Cargo volumes, On-Time Performance of flights, Aeronautical Revenues, Aero-related Revenues (e.g., Revenue to the airport accruing from Cargo , Ground Handling, Flight catering and other operations), Non-Aeronautical Revenues, Airport Financials, Receivables, Expenditure, Airport Service Quality Survey covering Operational, Commercial and Financial airport functions. The users have the ability to change filters to slice and dice the data presented in dashboards. They can also drill into the details by selecting sections of the dashboards.

  • The BI and Analytics solution has been configured to analyze the data for any pre-determined period of time (e.g., monthly, MTD, QTD, YTD).
  • The users will be able to drill-down to the next level in the business hierarchy intuitively.
  • The dashboards support the reports to be scheduled periodically as desired by user.
  • The solution has the ability to display consolidation of all these information across multiple airports under the management.
  • It provides the ability to create reports based on the business needs of the airports.
  • The solution supports the calculation of derived data like ratios that is not available in the data source for the purpose of comparison or analysis like Arithmetic (sum, difference, Percentage) (% difference, % total, etc.)
  • Dashboards provide a centralized, easy-to-handle view of the airport’s situation, with integrated alerts and communication.
  • The data displayed in dashboards represents the current information in underlying SAP system.
  • Some key & relevant What-If? scenarios at airports are also induced in the solution.

The Airport Analytics AA+ solution provides the management with information & insights they need, organized & processed in a way that supports intelligent & informed decision-making, strategic planning & analysis, besides tactical responses to changing conditions. Business-driven pre-determined alerts have been incorporated in the solution which ensures Airports take corrective actions much before an incident occurs. The AA+ Airport Analytics solution enables Global International Airport Operators to take profitable and growth-oriented decisions besides identify problem areas way ahead and spot opportunities to remain way ahead of competition always.

Airport Analytics Solution